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1800-BLINDS has such a large range of blinds available for you to choose from that initially it can appear a little daunting, but don’t worry we will be with you every step of the way to help you find that perfect solution for your needs. 1800-BLINDS is here to help, call us today!

Rollers & Hollands

1800-BLINDS roller blinds have it all. From its design to its practical purposes, a roller blind can satisfy every consumer because of its modern-looking style, its wide range of colours, and its light or heat filtering mechanisms. Contact 1800-BLINDS for help picking out the perfect set of roller blinds for your home. We demonstrate to our consumers our dedication to quality through our exclusive use of the Acmeda hardware which is available in the classic chain drive, linked, dual and spring assist. We also have motorised options that are reasonable and economically priced for our consumers such as the exclusive Savi Motors or our renowned brand, Somfy; whereas the 1800 BLINDS roller blinds are more recommended for consumers who are looking for low-priced blinds yet practical and versatile window covers. Rest assured, we only manufacture roller blinds that are of high quality using quality materials which include the standard aluminum roller tube. This can then be paired with panel glides, romans and verticals for a more stylish overall design.

Blockout quality

With its well-designed slats, it can manage light filtration better; thus, providing enough shade. When you roll up the blind, it would be tightly kept in place which allows you to have an unobstructed view.

Hassle-free Maintenance

The roller blind always look new and fresh so you could avoid the hassle of cleaning or dusting it regularly. The roller blind is purposely designed not to collect too much dust which could detriment the health of asthma sufferers; hence, this type of blind is a great choice for any households with asthma sufferers. If you want your blind spotless clean, you could wipe it with a soapy cloth or do a light vacuuming.

Simple to Use

This type of blind is very simple to use, which is why it is recommended to be installed in your household. It’s lightweight and smooth pulling mechanism is made possible by a spring assist operation which can be easily used even by a child. Expect no noise when pulling down or rolling up the blind. There are also motorised options available for your household.

Range of Fabric Options

You could be fashionable too when you install your blind in your home since there are several fabric options for you to choose from. The interior of your home will not only be decently improved, but you could also protect your home from too much light and heat coming from the sun.

Elegant Design

Your home could wear that contemporary design when you install blinds. Some blinds are simple yet elegant. You could also add other ornaments or embellishments in your blinds for your convenience such as motorisation, base rails, and pelmets.

Dual roller or Day and Night Options

A roller blind could be used for light filtering during the day. It is an effective sunscreen or light filter. You could also use it during the night to cover your windows for added privacy.

Install It in Any Room

Roller blinds are not picky. They could be installed in any part of your home. You could conveniently install it in your kitchen or even your bathroom. There are roller blinds that are mold and moist-resistant so its functions could still be carried out. With roller blinds, your home could have a decent touch.

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Veri Shades

Veri Shades

A fantastic new and innovative product. Veri Shades can provide a brilliant combination of elegance and versatility. With the appearance of sheer curtain, while being able to provide the privacy that you would expect from any modern window covering. With a simple turn of a wand. Veri Shades will be able to control the light levels according to the suns position, while maintaining privacy. These elegant blinds soft fabric hangs beautifully, with no weights or chains. You can simply walk through any section of the blind without having to opening and close them. The Veri Shades unique properties make it perfect for creating a soft, subtle feature across a large opening. Its high Quailty parts allow it to cover a 6 meter spans in a single track. Veri shades simplistic controls make it a breeze to control the light in your home. By turning the wand in one direction and you will receive privacy and light blocking. Turning the wand in the other direction and the mesh fabric will let more light through giving you have a filtered light appearance. When necessary, your Veri Shades can be drawn all the way back like curtains to achieve an unobstructed view and full sunlight. Veri Shades Clever Curtains have multiple track profiles and finishes in a variety of different colours. There are no PVC inners to the Veri Shades, and the fabric is UV stabilised to resist fading. The fabric folds are soil resistant and can easily be taken down to be washed or replaced individually in only a matter of seconds. The intelligent track design takes up half the space needed to achieve a similar effect from traditional curtains, giving you more space in your rooms.    

Light Control

Brilliant levels of light control can be achieved with the Veri Shade blind. With a simple twist of the wand you can have full control over the sunlight, privacy and feeling of your home.

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Whether you are after the warm feel of timber or the clean industrial look of stainless steel there is a venetian system to accommodate you desire. With exceptional light and privacy control venetians are here to stay. Call today to talk about our venetian blinds and find a fit thats perfect for you!
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Panel Blinds

1800-BLINDS Panel Blinds are the best solution for your sliding doors. We offer many different types and styles of panel blinds to fit your home perfectly! Panel blinds are purposely designed as great modern alternatives to vertical blinds, since panels could be moved with ease through its multiple tracking channels. It is equipped with a very convenient and smooth operating wand that replaces the need for the usual chains or other safety devices. Panels also give off a simplistic yet elegant vibe. If you are looking for the perfect or ideal window cover, then the panel glides of 1800-BLINDS could be your best choice since these panel glides can be opened either at the left, right or center. These panel glides are best to install in your large windows and sliding doors. It is also a good and affordable room divider. When you open the panels, each stack would neatly hold behind each other. On the other hand, if you close the panels, you would have your utmost privacy, light filtration, and even a nice fabric display. In fact, you could choose a matching fabric for your rollers or romans for the interior décor of your home.


Panels exude a contemporary elegant touch that could suit any window. With its clean and crisp lines, your windows could sport up that stylish look. If you closed the panel glides, it would provide you a great fabric screen. Each panel only takes up minimal space when opened. The panel glides do not only boast of its design, but also of its practical functions. These panel glides could be used for your large windows, sliding doors, or it could be used as an inexpensive room divider.

Low Maintenance

Free yourself from the daily hassle of dusting your panels. Panels only require little maintenance since it always looks fresh. It rarely collects too much amount of dust. It is definitely a great choice for homes with asthma sufferers. You could clean your panels just by wiping it with a wet cloth or a light vacuum.

Easy to Use

Panels glide smoothly which are very suitable for the whole family. There are no troublesome pulling mechanisms. Just open or close it without effort and you’re good to go. Panels are designed to be simple and easy to use.

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Vertical Blinds

Vertical Blinds are perfect for both residential and commercial settings with its ease of maintenance and functionality as well as its affordable price. 1800-BLINDS carries many different types of vertical blinds to fit you perfectly and offer great levels of privacy. Both light and privacy can be controlled with the wand or chain choices to have vanes rotate to 180° when not opened and quickly open to neatly stack, making way for optimum viewing capacity. 1800-BLINDS Vertical Blinds are intended to meet the decorative and functional needs of all customers. What customers would expect from Vertical Blinds are 90mm or 127mm of slat sizes, several alternatives for chain and weight, options like right or left hand bunch, center bunch and center opening and a wide range of choices of fabrics—both designer and traditional ones which match the neat, linear style to complement any room décor.

Light Control

The 180° vane rotation allows complete privacy control and light filtration. When open, vertical vanes are stacked tightly for it to only accommodate a small space thus making way for a great view.


This is ideal for housing developments, commercial applications and public buildings. With Vertical Blinds, it’s possible to have professional functionality without spending too much.

Low Maintenance

Because the blind stays fresh all the time, there’s not much required when it comes to maintenance. Because of the unique design of vertical blinds, regular dusting is not required because it doesn’t collect dust in the first place making it a great choice for those households with members who are suffering from asthma. Cleaning the blinds is usually restricted to a light vacuum and a soapy cloth though it’s fabric-dependant.

Easy to Use

If you want a blind which fits the needs of the whole family, this should be it because Vertical Blinds are smooth and easy to operate. There’s no need to do the heavy pulling even it’s quite large because the blinds are lightweight any way.

Range of Fabric

Either you plan to come up with your own unique style or match the blind with the existing home décor, there should be something for you with a wide range of options when it comes to design, colours and fabric compositions.

Professionally Made

Our Vertical Blinds have unique design and practicality making them perfect for use in sliding doors and large windows. The vertical vanes have equal spacing allowing clean, crisp lines to match and décor.

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Roman Blinds

When it comes to improving the appearance of your home’s interior, roman blinds can do the job for you since they exude a modern, classy and elegant style. 1800-BLINDS offers many different types of roman blinds to fit your home perfectly, call today. Our blinds come in a variety of forms. We have blinds for light filtering, sunscreen fabrics which are good for blackout purposes, as wells as blinds that are tailored with neat and clean horizontal folds that could improve the interior design of your room.

Light Control

Blinds help to increase light filtration in any room because of its overlapped slats; hence, controlling light effectively. On the other hand, horizontal blinds usually have a neat stacking that does not only filters light, but also provides you an unobstructed view of the outside.

Low Maintenance

A blind always look new and fresh; hence, it won’t give you much a problem when it comes to maintenance, and of course, regular dusting. Roman blinds are designed not to accumulate too much dust which is very advisable to be installed in a home with asthma sufferers. Though it is fabric-dependant, you could easily clean the blind with a light vacuum or wipe it with a clean, damp cloth.

Easy to Use

Our blinds are very convenient and easy to use because of its simple operating mechanism. In fact, the whole family, and even kids, could maneuver our blinds because we make sure that they do not have any troublesome pulling mechanisms, we keep them light, and as for large roman blinds, we equipped them with a spring assist mechanism to have a smooth operation.

Range of Fabric Options

You need not to limit your self with a plain-looking blind. You could now unleash your creativity through picking a stylish blind that matches the existing décor of your home. We have blinds that comes in a variety of fabric options, designs, and colours.

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2D & 3D Blinds

View 2D & 3D Blinds

Honeycomb Blinds

1800-BLINDS Honeycomb blinds offer some of the highest levels of insulation against the elements available while maintaining a delicate and sophisticated look. 1800-BLINDS will help you pick the perfect honeycomb blinds for your budget! There is no substitute for a well made Honeycomb blind. Their unique use of air pockets built into the 1800-BLINDS honeycomb blind helps prevent heat from transferring through the blind itself and into your home. As air is a poor conductor of heat the air pockets inside the Honeycomb blind greatly reduce the amount of heat transferred through to the other side keeping you cool in summer and warm in winter. The correct use of a quality made Honeycomb blind will greatly reduce your energy bills, putting money back in your pocket. Now that's smart!


Our range of Honeycomb blinds is available in both Blockout and semi translucent fabric to meet your needs. Honeycomb blinds are custom made to a very high tolerance, meaning you will have the absolute minimum gaps on the side for maximum light control at all times.


Honeycomb blinds are just the thing for people with busy lifestyles. Very little is required to maintain them as they need little more than a light vacuum from time to time.

Simple to Use

Operating a honeycomb blind could not be any easier. The smooth rotation of our geared system makes for effortless lifting and lowering of the Honeycomb blind, you'll barely know you're doing it.


Honeycomb blinds are very simple in their functionality allowing the user to lift the blind to any desired position while maintaining a consistent pleated look. Due to their design they are also able to condense themselves into a very small stack at the top of the window allowing for maximum window openness. So you don't lose your view.

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