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Outdoor Blinds To Transform Your Home

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Outdoor Blinds To Transform Your Home

When you have an outdoor space, to get the most out of it, it’s a good idea to protect it from the elements. The strong Australian sun, especially, can make outdoor spaces unbearable at certain parts of the day, and may even damage and prematurely age outdoor furniture. Creating a space protected by outdoor blinds opens up your home, and creates a space that’s available for entertaining no matter what time of the day or what type of weather.

What are outdoor blinds?

Outdoor blinds are blinds that are durable enough to stand up to outdoor elements. Blinds are often treated with or created from durable materials that can stand up to harsh direct sunlight or wet conditions. The materials are long-lasting and the colours are designed not to run or fade.

While some blinds may mimic indoor design aesthetics, essentially turning your outdoor space into an extension of the indoors, others simply provide added protection and insulation from inclement weather conditions.

At 1800-BLINDS, we have an exterior blind to meet every requirement. If you need an outdoor covering, but you’re unsure of what you’re looking for, here is a breakdown of the six standard types, and each of their unique benefits.

Types of outdoor blinds for homes

Ziptrack Blinds

Ziptrack blinds are elegant outdoor solutions that block wind, offer shade, and provide UV protection. The blind is comprised of slotted tracks that enable the blind itself to smoothly glide into any position.

The solution’s benefits include:

  • The ability to provide UV and wind protection without the need for unsightly zips or buckles
  • Option to come in clear or tinted styles to ensure your views remains unobstructed.
  • The ability to add images or signage directly to the blind.
  • Excellent quality materials to ensure longevity.
  • A guided track for easy adjustments.

Not only are ziptrack blinds great for your home, but their quality construction and customisation capabilities make them quite useful for businesses and restaurants that want to enhance and protect their outdoor space.

Plantation Shutters

Did you know plantation shutters aren’t just for interior spaces? These stylish and versatile shutters are as timeless as they are resilient. Plantation shutters are easily adjusted so that the slats can let in light and air in just the right amounts. They can also be closed to protect an area from direct sunlight, rain, or cold, and are great insulators.

Plantation shutters are perfect for an outdoor space because:

  • They’re made of high-quality, durable materials
  • They come in a range of price points making them an affordable long-term outdoor solution
  • They insulate and protect your outdoor area from the elements
  • They come in three main materials – timber, fauxwood, and aluminum – each perfect for various applications around the home
  • They never go out of style

With so many benefits, plantation shutters may be the perfect choice when it comes to transforming and protecting your outdoor area.

Cafe Bistro Blinds

Cafe bistro blinds easily transform a lifeless patio space and quickly turn it into a useful extension of the home. They’re perfect options for homeowners looking to build their outdoor space into something that can be enjoyed year-round. They may be the perfect option for your patio because:

  • They are comprised of only the highest quality components.
  • There’s a wide range of stylish fabrics and materials to choose from.
  • They’re custom-made to suit any outdoor space.
  • There’s a variety of material options that include PVC, mesh, and acrylic awnings.
  • They can provide both protection from the elements and act as a privacy shade.
  • They can reduce noise pollution.

If you’re sick of your patio’s current look and want to create a space that feels protected from the elements and ambient noise and you are looking for something to provide just a bit more privacy, consider adding bistro blinds to your home.

Roller Shutters

When you need more privacy for your home or would like your existing windows to offer more insulation for your interior, roller shutters might be exactly what you need. Roller shutters are a type of shutter installed on the outside of windows and consist of many horizontal slats hinged together. The shutter can be raised or lowered and can be motorised as well. These shutters, when lowered, completely shut out the elements.

Roller shutters benefit the home by offering:

  • Excellent home security and theft protection.
  • The ability to shut out light and other outdoor elements when closed.
  • The ability to move away from windows and doors to allow for the maximum flow of light and air when not in use.
  • Strength and durability.
  • Lightweight and sound construction.
  • Insulative properties.

When safety and security are top-of-mind for homeowners, roller shutters are an excellent option, especially on vacation homes that are only occasionally visited and need extra protection.

Window Awnings

For homeowners that like the idea of having an outdoor space covered, but want the flexibility to open up a space to the sunlight and other elements, a window awning is an excellent choice. Window awnings can be made to custom fit spaces and only need to be extended when the patio is in use. They also come in a variety of colours, styles, and systems, meaning they’re as flexible as they are versatile.

Window awnings are perfect for outdoor spaces because:

  • They can be drawn up and away as needed
  • They’re made of strong weather-resistant materials that stand up to wind and rain
  • They’re customisable to fit the needs of any space
  • They can be motorised for easy extension/retraction
  • They protect against water damage by drawing rain away from windows and doors

Window awnings are a flexible choice for outdoor spaces and are very easy to use and install.

1800-BLINDS is here to help

If you are considering updating your outdoor space, and have questions about which option will work best for you, we’re here to help! Our experts will walk you through a range of products and styles to help you choose which best suits your home. Whether you’re looking for long-term permanent structures, like plantation shutters, or something you can adjust and open up as needed, like awnings and ziptrack blinds, we’ll work with you to ensure your outdoor area is transformed to meet your exact needs.
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