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Take Your Life Back

Do you currently feel trapped in a job that consumes all of your time but provides no satisfaction or reward? If you are dreaming of a more satisfying career that gives you the flexibility and work/life balance that you crave 1800-BLINDS can help.


A 1800-BLINDS franchise puts you in control, giving you the freedom to work the hours you want when you want. Say goodbye to the 9-5 rat race and hello to a schedule that works for you. 

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1800 Blinds Franchise

Why Choose a 1800-BLINDS Franchise


1800-BLINDS provides a simple to operate system while offering practical in-demand services.



  • 1800-BLINDS have been a successful business for over 20 years.
  • Simple to operate business model.
  • Work the hours you want.
  • In-demand internal and external blinds including plantation shutters.

We Are Committed to Helping You Succeed


When you become a 1800-BLINDS franchise partner, you become part of our family. We want to see you succeed. All Franchise partners are provided with hands-on operational experience, product training, management training, marketing resources and ongoing support.

Overall Satisfaction



1800-BLINDS product and service diversity means no two days are ever the same. Seeing as we all spend so much time at work, you want to make sure you love what you do. That’s why investing in your own Franchise, working with products you love and believe in will ensure you get the satisfaction you deserve. Plus, you create your working hours, meaning you never miss any important family events again!

Security and Income



Using the 1800-BLINDS branding and over 20 years of proven business systems helps to make the transition into self-employment easy and stress-free. You will receive full training and on-going support, as well as access to a network of peers doing exactly what you will be doing. 1800-BLINDS proven systems help you maximise your earning potential while maintaining a healthy work/life balance. Our motto is “Work Smarter Not Harder” and we will show you how. All with the added security of being a part of the best name in the business 1800-BLINDS. The name that says who we are, what we do and most importantly how to contact us all in one.

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