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1800 blinds

Cafe Bistro Blinds

Is your back veranda or patio seems utterly lifeless because of its wasted space? If you’re tired of seeing the same old view, why don’t you try giving a makeover of your outdoor area with our beautiful and functional café blinds?Our café blinds are only made with the top quality Japanese PVC film, sunscreen mesh fabrics, or acrylic awning fabrics; hence, providing you the solution you need. Our café blinds would definitely protect you and your home from the sun, rain, and even your nosey neighbors. Having a wide range of stylish fabrics and materials to choose from, our café blinds are carefully custom-made to provide all that you need. We make sure that our product would last for a long time through using only quality fabrics and high grade components.

Cafe & Bistro shutters

Custom Designs


Rain Protection

You could be fashionable too when you install your blind in your home since there are several fabric options for you to choose from. The interior of your home will not only be decently improved, but you could also protect your home from too much light and heat coming from the sun.


Simple to Use

1800 Blinds - Cafe & Bistro Blinds
Rope and Pully
Ziptrak - 1800 Blinds

Do you have a hard time operating blinds? If so, the Ziptrak® track guided blind system could relieve you all of the troublesome work and provide you all of the comfort, shade, wind and UV protection. Aside from these practical functions, this elegant blind would also add beauty to any structure like your home or office. You won’t be disappointed with the Ziptrak® track guided blind system because it is made with slotted tracks that enable the blind to glide smoothly and easily, and it stops at any position. You could secure and lock the blind in a down position so that your home or office could be protected against the high winds and ultraviolet rays of sun. You won’t need any zippers or buckles to do these tasks. It’s as simple as that. On the other hand, if you want to protect your veranda or patio against the wind and rain even while enjoying the outdoor views, you could use a clear or tinted PVC. A signage could also be applied directly to your blind which greatly helps in increasing your business visibility among potential consumers. We make sure that our blinds are carefully sourced, designed and manufactured to be able to grasp the most trusted and highest quality product that could satisfy any commercial, retail and residential customers.

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window awnings - 1800 blinds
Canvas and Acrylic Material

A durable trustworthy material used in Australia for generations, our Australian made canvas is a great choice in all most all applications. 1800-Blinds canvas awnings offers great blockout properties with a UV resistant, easy to clean finish. A prefect material for areas where you wish to block out the sun.

Window Awning - 1800 Blinds
Sunscreen Material

There are many styles of Sunscreen Materials offering varying amounts of protection and vision. This makes Sunscreen Materials extremely versatile and adaptable to your own needs. Offering outstanding protection from wind, rain and sun while maintaining a view is what sets it apart from other materials. Its long longevity and ease of maintenance are just some of the many features that make 1800-BLINDS Sunscreen Materials a perfect choice.

Cafe & Bistro shutters
PVC Material

1800-BLINDS marine grade PVC's are specifically designed for Australian conditions to provide amazingly transparent protection. Protect your self from wind and rain while maintaining clear vision with our range of PVC Materials. Easy to maintain with a unmatched quality and longevity.

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