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Veri Shades

A fantastic new and innovative product. Veri Shades can provide a brilliant combination of elegance and versatility. With the appearance of sheer curtain, while being able to provide the privacy that you would expect from any modern window covering.

Verishade Blinds

Light Control

Brilliant levels of light control can be achieved with the Veri Shade blind. With a simple twist of the wand you can have full control over the sunlight, privacy and feeling of your home.


Multiple tracking Options

Some carefully chosen tracking options to work well with existing curtains and blinds in your home to create either an additional feature to your blinds or be as minimal as possible and keep all of the attention on your beautiful new Veri Shade blinds


Child Friendly

With absolutely no chains, cords or bottom weights on any Veri Shade blind, they are a brilliant investment which will keep your most precious members of your family safe.

Verishade Blinds
Veri Simple Shades

With a simple turn of a wand. Veri Shades will be able to control the light levels according to the suns position, while maintaining privacy. These elegant blinds soft fabric hangs beautifully, with no weights or chains. You can simply walk through any section of the blind without having to opening and close them. The Veri Shades unique properties make it perfect for creating a soft, subtle feature across a large opening. Its high Quailty parts allow it to cover a 6 meter spans in a single track. Veri shades simplistic controls make it a breeze to control the light in your home. By turning the wand in one direction and you will receive privacy and light blocking. Turning the wand in the other direction and the mesh fabric will let more light through giving you have a filtered light appearance. When necessary, your Veri Shades can be drawn all the way back like curtains to achieve an unobstructed view and full sunlight.

Unmatched Quality Veri Shades
Unmatched Quality

Veri Shades Clever Curtains have multiple track profiles and finishes in a variety of different colours. There are no PVC inners to the Veri Shades, and the fabric is UV stabilised to resist fading. The fabric folds are soil resistant and can easily be taken down to be washed or replaced individually in only a matter of seconds. The intelligent track design takes up half the space needed to achieve a similar effect from traditional curtains, giving you more space in your rooms.

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